About company

Real Estate Management and Consulting Company Bonus, was established in 2006 in Tbilisi. The main activity of the company is the preparation of construction projects for developers.

Friend companies

Bonus partners are the following strong construction -development companies as: Axis, Archi group, m², Domus, etc.

Renewed Tbilisi

The bonus is the only company that has been involved into the project “Renewed Tbilisi” since 2008, which intended to improve khrushchyovka and so-called Italian yards. The main focus is on demolition of damaged buildings and promotion of better conditions for the population.

How is the khrushchyovka built in the Soviet era?

The urban architecture of Tbilisi is largely determined by Soviet architecture. In the 50s of the last century new districts were added to the city that developed at a very fast pace. The architects should work out a project that would be ended in a short period of time and had a low budget at the same time. In this period, the experimental project of residential was generated, that was called khrushchyovka, which is the blocks made with panels produced  in the factory.

khrushchyovka became the subject of discussion from the beginning and not had  a good reputation among the population. The reason for this is the low quality of construction and ugliness  of façade.

One of the most important places in the history of khrushchyovka development was held the architect Natan Osterman who  designed seven- storied unframed panel building  project. After that was   five-stored house model -K7 designed by the  engineer Laguetenko, K7, whose space  of residence  was minimized and had been built about 12 working days.

The main idea was the fact that Soviet citizens should live in similar apartments that would not be luxury. khrushchyovka apart from the lack of space, it is known for its low ceilings and small kitchens. At first the apartments had no elevator and the balconies were also rare, which created a problem of air in the apartment.

It is noteworthy that khrushchyovka was built for a fixed period of time. According to the calculation, the complete dismantling of these apartments should have occurred 25 years later. Unfortunately, date of this project has been expired and needs urgent restoration.


The condition of khrushchyovka became worse since the 1990s, as the process of active construction has started. In addition to the aesthetics, the problem of accident rate is also exists.

The company Bonus has been actively involved in the project – “Renewed Tbilisi” for 10 years, which contains the improvement of so-called Italian yards and khrushchyovka.

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Our services


Measuring off works: Internal measuring of apartment, measuring drawing, architectural drawing, cadastral measuring drawing, photo-montage, etc. The company uses modern equipment, which allows you to get accurate data.


Inspection of accident rate of the residence. Bonus takes care of the population safety and inspects accident rate of the residence.


Registration at Public Registry. The company helps the population for finding documents and consultation so that they can register the apartment. The company also is a mediator between the City Hall and residents.


. Evaluation of Real Estate: The Company Bonus makes projects for construction and development Companies and cooperates with them.